The Cameroon Nutritional Science Society is an organization dedicated to research of scientific advances and the application of best nutrition practice for the promotion of health in our society.


The objectives of the Cameroon Nutritional Science Society are:

  1. To unite all persons in Cameroon concerned with the advancement of excellence in Nutrition science for the betterment of health and the prevention of disease;

  2. To encourage promote and advance the knowledge and understanding of nutrition science by scientists and health care professionals, dieticians, pharmacists, nurses, physicians, allied health professionals and the industry sector interested in the use of nutrition for the prevention and treatment of diseases by way of exchange of information, lectures, exhibitions, demonstrations and classes and the building of networks in conferences, meetings and otherwise;

  3. To sustain, promote, enhance learning and expertise in nutrition in all its elements for Cameroon scientists and healthcare professionals through the establishment and maintenance of standards and guidelines, continuing education, delivering and holding of lectures, classes, conferences, exhibitions, meetings and the preparation, publishing and distribution of journals, periodicals and papers.

  4. To monitor, assess, influence and participate in the development and implementation of public policies, legislation and procedures relating to the science and practice of nutrition;

  5. To encourage, promote and support financially and otherwise the sustenance and the expansion of scientific research in nutrition;

  6. To preserve, promote and enhance the profile of the Cameroon scientists and healthcare professionals (Including all allied health care professionals) engage in the area of nutrition therapy through communication with the public, scientific and industrial sectors.